GNF Paste 80grams

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GNF Paste 80grams

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What is GNF Paste?

GNF Paste is a complementary feed-stuff which is suitable for feeding to horses suffering from gastric disturbances exhibiting as depressed appetite, weight loss, poor performance, or cribbing. GNF Paste is also very helpful for newborn foals, to establish the micro bacteria in the hindgut, reducing the risk of dangerous scours and preparing the digestive tract for healthy function.


Why use GNF Paste?

Horses in work: The purpose of GNF is to allow the horse's stomach to function the normal way, optimising the entire digestive tract, including the hindgut. GNF contains a prebiotic which supports the micro bacteria in the hindgut, enabling absorption of nutrients and improving condition. The effects of GNF are particularly marked in animals which struggle to keep or are losing condition. Traditionally, most trainers use an Omeprazole-based product. This stops the proton pump, halting the production of stomach acid. While effective, the lack of stomach acid reduces the ability for food and nutrients to be effectively broken down and absorbed. GNF is not a proton pump inhibitor - allowing the digestive system to function normally.


What is in GNF Paste?

         Fructooligosaccharides - a prebiotic which feeds the beneficial bacteria in the hind gut.

         Glutamine - an important amino acid for the repair of epithelial cells.

         Theonine - an amino acid, if restricted may limit intestinal mucin synthesis.

         Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Hydroxide - these alkaline materials neutralize excessive Ph.

         Seaweed Extract - this creates a floating raft of gel which protects the non glandular part of the stomach.

         Minerals - GNF contains both Calcium and Magnesium: two components which are key nutrients in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

                  Slippery elm: - rich in mucilage, it will soothe inflammation internally, the action of slippery elm is gentle and will not harm the most sensitive of horses

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